Five of the Best:
Brogue Boots

For several hundreds of years, both brogues and the majority of boot styles were restricted to country and outdoor wear – brogues having originated in the boggy terrains of Scotland and Ireland where the punched holes were designed to drain water, and boots because of their primary function of protecting the foot and leg.

Today however, ‘dress boots’ are a credible style alternative to shoes, particularly in the colder months, and the brogue boot in particular has grown tremendously in popularity for both casual and formal wear.

Nothing says ‘modern classic’ quite like a fine Goodyear Welted brogue boot. Here are five of our favourites from the Loake range.

A longstanding Loake favourite, this is a classic country-style boot featuring Tan burnished calf uppers and a Goodyear Welted double leather sole. Made using our 024 last shape in an F fitting, it is a little more generous in fit to allow for the thick socks traditionally worn with this kind of footwear. Also available with a Dainite rubber studded sole.


Another traditional country boot, Bedale uses our Pennine last shape which has a wider G fitting. It has a distinctive bump toe and our Goodyear Welted Victory rubber sole with grooved tread for improved grip and longevity. Bedale is available in Tan burnished calf, and Mahogany Brown grain leather.


This Derby boot with punching detail on the toe is a more refined style, so arguably versatile enough to wear with trousers or a suit, but it’s Goodyear Welted Dainite studded sole means it is also hard-wearing. Hyde is made in Black calf, Brown burnished grain and Dark Brown burnished calf using our Capital last which gives a standard F fit.


This classic market boot Chelsea design also features brogue detailing on the uppers. It is available in Tan burnished calf with a Dainite rubber studded sole, making it a practical boot for all weathers.


A stylish Derby brogue boot, Rimmer comes with additional ski-hook fastenings in Tan or Dark Brown distressed leather for a casual, vintage look. It has Goodyear Welted leather sole with a rubber forepart for extra grip and durability.

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