Five of the Best:
Derby Shoes

A Derby (sometimes referred to as a Gibson or an ‘Open Front’) is a lace-up shoe where the eyelet facings are stitched on top of the vamp (front section of the shoe). This is in contrast to an Oxford style where the eyelet facings are stitched underneath the vamp. The Derby was popular as a sporting and hunting boot in the 1850s but, by the turn of the 20th century, it had become regarded as appropriate for wear in town. In the USA, a Derby shoe is sometimes referred to as a Blucher.

With its open tabs, a Derby allows for more adjustment than other styles by pulling the laces tighter or looser, which means it will fit a wide range of foot shapes.

Here are five of our Loake favourites.

A long running favourite, our Chester country style Derby brogue features burnished calf leather uppers and a split reverse welt which gives it a chunky, bold appearance. Chester is made using last shape 024 in an F/medium width fitting and is available with either a double leather sole or a Dainite rubber studded sole.
From our premium Loake 1880 range, Cornwall is a sleek chisel-toe shoe especially suitable for more formal occasions. Cornwall uses the Duke last in an E fitting which gives it a narrow/medium fit. Cornwall is available in Mahogany burnished calf or black calf leathers and has a leather sole.
A recent and popular addition to our Loake Shoemakers range, Rowe is a plain front Derby shoe, available in Tan burnished calf or Brown suede. Like Chester, this shoe has a split reverse welt and also features a light Caramel coloured rubber studded sole and heel. Rowe uses the versatile Claridge last in an F fitting, giving it a slightly elongated, rounded toe.
Our famous Royal brogue is one of our longest running styles, having been popular since the 70s. Royal is a long wing brogue design, available in original Oxblood or Black polished leather. Made on last shape 1639 in an F fitting, it has a double leather sole and features an all-round ‘storm’ welt to give the shoe a bold appearance.
Style 771
A classic plain Derby design, our long-running style 771 is also a perennial favourite. Like Royal, this shoe also has a storm welt and a double leather sole, and comes in Black or Burgundy polished leathers. Style 771 uses the 3625 last shape in an F fitting for a traditional English look.


5 Comments on “Five of the Best:
Derby Shoes

  1. excellent blog! and the shoes are very good .which make me want to buy one some day ! i will share it with my friends. maybe some day we will buy together to get some discount !

  2. Hello.

    I have just bought my Loake shoes, a pair of tan Chester brogues. What colour/brand of polish do you recommend?

    The shoes are gorgeous.

    • Hi Tim.
      We would recommend a tan or a neutral polish. A neutral polish will protect and preserve the colour of your shoes; a tan polish may slightly darken the colour of your shoes over time but will better cover any scuffs or scratches that occur. Hope this helps.

  3. Great Article! Thank you for the info. Helped me very much in my selection.You have an awesome choice in shoes!

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