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Printed journal and blog Ernest is a must read for those who appreciate tradition, workmanship and ‘slow’ journalism. We asked features editor, Abigail Whyte, to put together a Christmas style edit featuring a pair of Loake shoes. She chose our iconic Chester brogue for a contemporary classic look guaranteed to put the wearer in full festive mode.


Here at Ernest we appreciate true craftsmanship and care more for timeless style than trends. This is why, when it came to curating this Christmas outfit, we opted for British-based brands and makers who care about the garments they make, use ethical and sustainable production methods, and are inspired by traditional design while adding their own modern twist.

We also love products to be practical as well as beautiful, hence our choice of the Loake Chester Rubber Sole – a classic brogue with a rubber studded sole, perfect for frosty country walks once the party’s over. We’ve teamed it up with chocolate cords, a waistcoat made from ‘cabbage’ (fabric offcuts) and a classic felt flatcap. Smart, yet understated, with a dash of country class.























3 Comments on “Guest Style Edit: Ernest Journal

  1. Dear Sir/ Dear Madam,
    You have lovely products, whenever I purchased any type of shoes from you, enjoyed it all the way through, but unfortunately for a few years I am not in the UK, leaving in Iran, following my project of producing Biofuel to follow with Animal Feed, similar to Vivergo in Hull,
    I am so pleased to see, the relation between Great Bretain and Iran is resumed, I hope , will be able to release myself a little bit from work some times next year , to be able to restart traveling overseas in perticular to the UK, where I leaved most of my life,I miss the British culture, never mind I have chosen to set up this interesting project in this country, by the way, you don’t have a distributor in Iran, meanwhile would like to take the opportunity to wish you all at Loake shoes, a Marry Xmas and a Happy New Year,

  2. Chesters again – these guys are immortal. And quite rightly so. Best shoes in existence, IMHO.

  3. I was just reading your article, it was seem to be very good sound like impressive and more informatively for us. There outfits and jackets are best of another’s one. Thanks for sharing us.

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