We Are Loake

For a little while now at Loake we have talked about the extended Loake ‘family’, a phrase first prompted by the wonderful interaction we receive on our Facebook page. To be honest, we are still surprised how many people love our shoes and love talking about them.

But the Loake family extends much further than this, it stretches from our forefathers who started the Loake brand through to the newest generation of wearers to adopt our shoes.

To illustrate this, we have adopted a new slogan. We Are Loake. This represents all the people who are involved in our story: the people who make Loake shoes, the people who sell them, the people who wear them and the people who love them.

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Loake are proud to be in collaboration with luxury menswear brand Duchamp London, Arsenal football club’s Official formalwear partner.

Loake shoes have been supplied to Duchamp as part of the official formalwear package being worn by the first team squad and manager Arsene Wenger on selected official Club appearances, including all home matches in the Barclay’s Premier League and UEFA Champions League.

Arsenal Football Club

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My Loake Life:
Oliver McCann

In the fourth of our series My Loake Life, we talk to Oliver McCann, Footwear Designer and Pattern Cutter based at our factory in Kettering. Oliver joined us about two years ago, having developed an early passion for footwear which diverted him from a potential career in the sports industry to focus on men’s footwear design.

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Five of the Best: Rubber Sole Shoes

In the cold and wet winter months, Goodyear Welted rubber soles provide improved grip and durability. Loake offers a wide selection of shoes with various rubber soles – including the traditional Dainite and Commando and our own Victory – and upper designs that suit different looks and occasions ranging from rugged country styles to more formal shoes.

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Guest Style Edit: Ernest Journal

Printed journal and blog Ernest is a must read for those who appreciate tradition, workmanship and ‘slow’ journalism. We asked features editor, Abigail Whyte, to put together a Christmas style edit featuring a pair of Loake shoes. She chose our iconic Chester brogue for a contemporary classic look guaranteed to put the wearer in full festive mode.

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How to Polish Fine Leather Shoes

We get a surprising number of questions about what is the best way to polish leather shoes. There are, of course, many different ways of doing this. Most companies will base their recommended procedure around the branded shoe care products that they sell; some individuals are able to completely transform the appearance of a pair of shoes and have taken shoe care almost to the point of being an art form. We’re not going to go into that level of detail, but there are some simple steps that will help you maintain the fine appearance of your leather shoes, increase their longevity and get the best service from them.

Some shoes made from shiny, ‘polished’ leather can be relatively easy to keep clean – a damp cloth followed by a wax polish is often sufficient.

Suede (and nubuck) requires different treatment and is the subject of a further article here.

Calf skins and other full-grain leathers can require a little more attention, but will reward their owners with far superior comfort, better appearance and longer life. So here is a short guide on how to care for your fine calf leather shoes. Read More